Saturday, 9 June 2007

Disproving Islam in 3 words

This is a brilliant video of a young man disproving the religion of Islam.


Darnell said...

Well I downloaded a copy fast, because THAT although 100% truth won't be on YouTube long. He will probably get his account suspended for proclaiming and defending the faith.

George said...

I love your video. God bless you.

Christinewjc said...

Just posted a link to this video at my blog Talkwisdom.

LOTS of people need to see it!

God bless you!

In Christ,

Jonathan said...

You are DEAD ON! I only wish I was as eloquent as you are. Excellent manor of explanation. I pray that you become a missionary for Christ for Islamic peoples.

Old Enough to Know Better said...

Islam is a pile of crap, Mohammed was a pedophile, and if you think that this video makes you some kind of Christian soldier fighting the good fight, you will have some answering to do when you get to Pearly Gates. I could take the Scriptures piece by piece and demonstrate, just as you have done, why you, like Mr. Muslim, are a hypocrite.

Put down the mouse, step away from the computer and stop rationlizing ignorance and bigotry.

dazzarai said...

What is your point? And if you believe you have abetter way why dont you share it with me.

I would love to hear it.

Mo said...

Thank you for this! I am sure you're going to get a lot of hassle about it, but keep on keepin' on!

Anonymous said...

i commend you for trying to have an intellect approach and i think you're point is correct. However, can we not just see the obvious about islam? can we not just look at islamic countries and see the pathetic result of following allah for 1400 years? can we not see the appalling failure of islamic societies?

who cares if islam is true of not when your payoff for creating an islamic society is that you get a society of poor human rights, no freedom of speech and poor treatment of women?

p.s. muslims got your video taken down from youtube.

dazzarai said...

Hi thanks for your comment. just to clarify, this video is not me or mine, as i stated above the video it is a young man on youtube who goes by the alias venomfangx. I fairness to him, his videos are dierected and created for muslims to show them a better way. The way of Christ. and to expose the lies to them in Islam.

Concerning the video, if you are talking about this one it is still currently up on youtube.

mariya said...

i like this video very much but i want to known that what is the difference between allah so called muslims god and jesus christ because muslims said that their god is allah not a mohhamad hes only a treu profit og allah words i want more clearfication that makes koran false and bible true i have many qus but i want to known that y is this issue in this world about muslims and christians i want to known

mariya said...

i love this video

dazzarai said...

Hello Mariya. Thank you for your comment and questions. i will attempt to answer as briefly as i can.

Basically islam is like the evil twin of chrsitianity. what do i mean by this? Abraham has a bastard son with a woman called Hagar because he did not trust God to give hima son with his wife who was at the time very old (i believe in here 90's). His name was called Ismael. From him the muslim religion came. later on Abraham repented and God gave him the son he had promised him, his name was Isacc.

From hims family line Christ Jesus came. So Islam has always tried to remove the true promise of God. Jesus Christ.

The main difference between the religions is that muslims believe Jesus was a prophet only. Chrsitians believe he is God the son.
Christ is the only way to God. Without him we cannot get to God neither can we recieve salvation from our sins. The muslims believe Muhammad was a prophet after Jesus died. Although they do not even know if he (muhammed) made it to heaven. Also Jesus NEVER sinner,he was the spotless lamb sacrified for the world, once and for all. So through him we recieved cleansing from our sins. Muhammed was a sinner, and according to the koran he was also very perverted.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. God bless you. Darren

Anonymous said...

sorry darazzi,

there are many differences between islam and christianity.

in islam it is praiseworthy to lie to help islam.

in islam you must killed if you leave the religion.

in islam you are advised to beat women.

in islam you are rewarded for killing.

islam and christianity are extremely different. islam is a threat to civilisation and very dangerous. do not underestimate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am a Christian and I support you in your argument however you do make one major mistake that causes your argument to fall apart IN MUSLIM EYES (not in the eyes of Christians or rational nonchristians who know history):

you say Jesus said "only God is good" Yes he did say that for its in the holy scriptures. But Ive also talked to muslims you must remember THEY don't believe he said that! The injeel (new testament) is filled with errors ACCORDING TO MUSLIMS.

In Islam they believe the Quran is without error only and all the previous scriptures including the bible are corrupted. So your argument immediately falls apart to the muslim mind when you say "its in the christian new testament that Jesus says only God is good" A muslim apologist will reply "yeah but the NT is corrupted"

So you either have to find it IN the quran/hadith that Jesus said that (since the muslim accepts this)

OR you have to show him that the New Testament is not corrupted and that The Quran is a very new document with only a mish mash of teachings obviously culled from hearing stories . These last facts have been shown to be true. Thats why muslims kill any serious studies into the history of the Quran being written.

As for the NT being corrupted --we as believers are correct in thinking it hasnt been. There are literarly thousands of copies carbond dated right from the time Paul and Clement (they guy Paul left in charge when he died) and we know they have not been corrupted.
Convince your muslim "friend" of this and then he has no leg to stand on. Otherwise (in his opinion) why should he believe what the NT quote says was actually said by jesus? Remember muslims think the NT was corrupted!

So you see your 3 word argument fails to convert the muslim. He will just say: "Jesus didnt SAY that its only in your corrupted New Testament".
You have to get him to the point where he sees its the Quran that is a bastard text not the bible. And THAT is the main thing. sorry but you cant 'prove' anything from the bible to an unbeliever when you are putting forth a logical argument you must accept common grounds and then fight.

If you expect muslims to believe that "jesus said only God is good"
JUST BECAUSE its in the NT well then you can expect Atheists to believe there is a God just because the bible SAYS "In the beginning GOD created..."

Argument from authority is a logical fallacy because you assume he accepts the authority of your text. The muslim does not. Thats why Paul in romans says "people know of the existence of God because of the world around them they can see the invisible God from his creation(works)" etc. he argued FROM A COMMON GROUND.
why should a muslim agree with what a CHRISTIAN text says Jesus says??? Do christians agree because something is written in the Quran? Nope. So we can't expect our opponents to agree with OUR texts either.

The BEST evidence is common ground or empirical evidence: Islam is killing thousands of people --its showing that muhammeds preaching to kill and/or enslave nonbelievers is obviously evil by the fact that their own prophets by his own words said its good to do so. THATS how you dissprove them.

Also you must disprove Islam by its own texts and show an inconsistancy in them. Like when it says Muhammed believed in one god but later said you can believe in others too (ie the famous satanic verses) but later retracted that because of his followers complaints of it being the opposite of what he had been stating all along (only one God) and he said "oh yeah I said that because satan inspred me to do so" That is in the Quran/hadithas !

Nice try though and I like your spirit. Christ bless.

Anonymous said...

you are a looser all praise due to allah creator of the universe you punk looser may you burn in hell

Joseph said...

Here's another example of perverted Influence over the culture. HIP HOP

Because of it's origin and what Hip Hop originally represented in it's earlier stages, we cannot embrace it as Christians. Their can be no Holy Hip Hoppers or no Christian Hip Hop because the culture cannot lend itself to the direction of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we do have very powerful Christian rap groups that preach the word of God through rap, but we must not get confused and call what they are doing Hip Hop. You have to understand that God does not embrace anything that has a corrupt origin. The very word "HipHop" was used by Afrikka Bambatta, the pioneer of the culture and professed Zulu Nation god, to describe the parties that he was hosting in clubs across New York in the early 70's. Since then, he has developed a religion that rested upon the Hip Hop culture. The culture is not from God, therefore, it should not be used by the people of God to describe anything that is of God!

People, please understand that Hip Hop is a way of governing your life. Therefore, it cannot be exploited as a Christian way of living. We understand that KRS-ONE and Afrika Bambaata have used the term Hip Hop to describe emceeing, deejaying, breakdancing, and other forms of entertainment, but Hip Hop is also, to them, a religion and a way of worshipping ourselves instead of the Lord Jesus Christ. How can we as believers hold on to this culture when it's origin is rooted in witchcraft and voodoo? How can we call ourselves Holy Hip Hoppers when this move of the enemy is influential enough to persuade Christians to protect it and defend it as a culture that should be embraced by the church even though it's founders don't embrace Jesus Christ? God forbid. My people, search the word of God for yourself. 2Co 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

The positive aspects of Hip Hop are dung as far as the word of God is concerned. The negatives far out weigh the positives. Listen to the voice of the Lord on this one. God will not embrace what the world has developed as a means of glorifying that which is carnal and sin filled. Therefore, being a Holy HipHopper is the just like saying I am a Holy Pimp or a Gospel Gangsta or a Thug for Christ! God forbid. The old man is dead! Come on Christians, stop loving the things of the world and what the world has taught us. God wants to come and totally wipe away the old man, the old thought process and the old carnal identity that we obtained through poverty, sin, abandonment, fatherlessness, hurt, anger, and prejudice. Sure, we struggled, but once we are set free, we must walk in the newness of live in Jesus Christ.

So, we support Christian rappers that preach the unedited word of God in their music, but we will never embrace the culture of Hip Hop or any other culture of man. We will only support the set apart, sanctified lifestyle of the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ.

Romans 6:6, Ephesians 4:22, Colosians 3:9

What it is? Da 3:10

Hip-hop is not rap! Rapping is style of conveying a message, like singing, humming, whistling, etc. Hip-hop is a culture, or way of living and governing your life. There is also a style of music that is a part of the hip-hop culture, but it’s not just represented by rap.

The founders and original pioneers of this culture teach that it is a religion. They teach that it is a tool to point people to the their god. Not the God of the Holy Bible. KRS-ONE teaches that the bible is irrelevant to the knowledge of his god. Hip-hop is a very effective tool for the degradation of our nations youth. KRS-ONE and the Temple of Hip Hop teaches that this culture was designed to give knowledge to self, or to show the Black man himself as god! He also teaches that we should accept Hip Hop as an organized religion and accept Hip Hop's drug of choice, marijuana!

What is its purpose? 2Ti 3:1

To set the stage for the coming of the antichrist and teach his doctrine of self-worship and knowledge of self.
To blur the existence and reality of the true and living God of the Holy Bible.
To lead youth into rebellion against the righteousness of God’s word.
To steal the true “meaning” or “purpose” of existence from our youth and lead them to early
death before they can fulfill their God given destiny.

Where did it come from? Da 11:38

The true origin of Hip Hop can be traced back as far as Africa. The Zulu Nation, a group of rebels under the leadership of Afrika Bambaata, started the music and religious aspects of hip hop in the late 70’s.
What does it produce? Ga 5:19

Youth with no fear. Youth with no purpose. Youth with no respect for authority. Youth with no parental guidance. Youth with no regards for their bodies, appearance, self-respect or futures. Hip Hop drives every aspect of our youths lives in most cases. They live it, breathe it, wear it and die for it. Hip-hop has done what no other tool of the devil has been able to do at this level. It has influenced all races, all ages, and all low-income areas in America. Hip-hop itself is a very weak demon, but has gone unattested for so long, that it has a major following.

How do you know when youth are under the influence of Hip Hop? Isa 5:20

1. The music – This is the number one source of influence. This is the evangelical tool for spreading the spirit of hip-hop abroad. You can easily tell when youth are into gangsta rap and explicit lyrical content. They show it in the behavior and the choices they make in life.
2. The clothing – Sagging jeans, tight fitted tops and bottoms, gang related outfits, prison attire. These are the clothes that hip hop influences our teens to wear freely. What was once considered appropriate only for prostitutes and hardened criminals is now acceptable attire for our youth!
3. The markings – Tattoos, piercing, strange hairstyles, gold teeth, vicious jewelry (dragons, dogs, snakes, etc) and the crucifix are all products of the hip hop culture. The devil wants our children marked like Cain, to show their pledge of allegiance to rebellion and self-gratification. These marking follow our youth and make it very hard to convert them back to their original identity.
4. The mentality – Hip-hop causes youth to be rebellious. To use foul language in public. To commit very strong sexual acts with other youth. To feel they have nothing to lose. To give up on their “good” values and take on the negativity of the hip hop culture.

In hip hop –
a. Prison is a good place. To be arrested and beat the rap makes you a hero.
b. Teen pregnancy is accepted as the norm.
c. Sex is good. Getting VD is not even frowned upon. Having multiple partners okay.
d. Homosexuality and Bi Sexuality is normal and accepted.
e. Serving God and sin together is the norm.
f. God forgives sin, so it’s okay.
g. Foul language and physical abuse is accepted.
h. Bad grades in school are okay.
i. Using drugs and drinking is accepted.
j. Murder is good thing, if you deserve it.
k. Choosing a god other than Jesus Christ is okay.
l. Love is just a word.
m. Being a thug is cool. Looking like you just robbed a bank is the norm.
n. The white man is not fair and holds the black man down.
o. Church, the bible, preachers, etc. are not needed. We can learn on our own.
p. XXX behavior is accepted and preached lyrically in the music.
q. Anything goes, as long as you are feeling it.

How do we stop it? Ro 12:2

We as believers must fight against it. Not embrace it. It must start in the church. We must raise the standard of our churches and form anti Hip Hop youth groups. We cannot promote this culture in our churches. Many churches try to use secular music, hip-hop attitudes and customs to try to reach out to the youth. But we must not be conformed to the world. We must pray for the transformation. The renewing of the mind by the power of God. It can be done, but it must be done through us. We must educate, research, and warn parents, teachers, counselors and youth about the dangers of this culture and the consequences of sin.

FS said...

Hi. I just watched your video and as a Muslim woman, I would like to properly answer you question. "Is Jesus (or any Prophet for that matter) good?" First of all, I must provide some background.

According to your video, it seems to me that in Christianity, only a sinless person is good. This is not the case in Islam. In the Islamic faith, a 'good person' is one who does good and tries hard to avoid sin, but when they do sin, they turn to God in forgiveness. So, using this definition of a good person, all the Prophets of God, including Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them) were good.

It is illogical for you use Christian definitions to disprove Islamic theology if the two are not compatible.

Another comment I would like to make is concerning you calling the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) a pedophile and a rapist. In Islam, a person is considered an 'adult' (i.e. having some awareness of what is right or wrong) when their puberty begins. This is why the Muhammad waited until Aishah was nine years old. This is still a very young age, but consider this: A nine year old 1400 years ago in a harsh environment such as what was then Arabia cannot be compared to the nine-year old as the developed world today is familiar with. This 'girl' Aishah proved exceptional wisdom at a young age and is even today considered to be one of the greatest scholars that the Islamic world has ever seen.

I think that you and many others need to commit to an unbiased study of the Islamic faith. Can you not help but wonder why 1.2 billion-plus people in the world call themselves Muslims. Is 1/5 of the world's population really deranged? Why do so many people convert to Islam, including so many Americans (the majority being WOMEN)? I understand that it is difficult to have a positive image of Islam with the media focusing on abuses against women and suicide bombers. But it is important to learn to separate culture from Islam, as unfortunately, some Muslims have not. As a Muslim woman, I can profess with absolute certainty that Islam is the one true faith, built on goodness, truth, and logic. I have read a good portion of the Qur'an (including disputed versus) and the Hadith. There is nothing in Islam but good and you will not find that unless you separate yourselves from preexisting prejudices.

Prophet Muhammad said that if a person reads the Qur'an expecting evil, then that is all that he will find (he will be unable to move past his prejudice and think objectively). A person who reads the Qur'an with an open heart will see the truth.

P.S. If someone can explain to me how the trinity is not polytheistic and how God having 'flesh' and 'shedding blood' makes any sense at all (using logic, as I can explain Islam logically without using the Qur'an or Hadith) that would be appreciated.

David said...

As a Muslim if you could provide to a non Muslim 2 laws from God to live by what would they be?

dazzarai said...

Hi David, im sorry but your question is not very clear to me. BTW I am not a muslim if that is what your asking, neither am I the guy in the video.


KoreanEugene said...

The video was done by VenomFangX of youtube. His videos are very intelligent and helpful to one's faith. God bless!

Anonymous said...

The Quran itself sets a challenge suggesting that there cannot be a verse created 'unto the like thereof'. The shortest verse in the Quran is a mere TEN words long.

Can someone point out where there is a verse created that matches the Quran? No, really. I would only need to be about...err...I dunno...ten words long.....
(hint - look into the Arabic linguistic style of the Quran).

I am a Muslim. Should I be queried regarding another faith or school of thought I have the respect to study that area. Rather than making throw away comments based on hear'say or lack of knowledge (im trying to avoid saying - your ignorant here...)

EG: A previous post states 'Islam advises beating of women' :- So, where does Islam advise the beating of women?

Finally can we all please remember to use some context when discussing things rather than playing Chinese whispers!?

Take the sentence

"In the event of fire - run away"
->Lets call this cowardice.

Then take a fuller sentence

"In the event of fire - run away - the environment is highly volatile"
->Lets call this on wisdom

-A crude example, but you get the jist of it

shadab said...

Shame on these Christians
I agree to these points below

a. Prison is a good place. To be arrested and beat the rap makes you a hero.
b. Teen pregnancy is accepted as the norm.
c. Sex is good. Getting VD is not even frowned upon. Having multiple partners okay.
d. Homosexuality and Bi Sexuality is normal and accepted.
e. Serving God and sin together is the norm.
f. God forgives sin, so it’s okay.
g. Foul language and physical abuse is accepted.
h. Bad grades in school are okay.
i. Using drugs and drinking is accepted.
j. Murder is good thing, if you deserve it.
k. Choosing a god other than Jesus Christ is okay.
l. Love is just a word.
m. Being a thug is cool. Looking like you just robbed a bank is the norm.
n. The white man is not fair and holds the black man down.
o. Church, the bible, preachers, etc. are not needed. We can learn on our own.
p. XXX behavior is accepted and preached lyrically in the music.
q. Anything goes, as long as you are feeling it.
r. Public sex are norms
s. roaming naked with bible
t. pornography ,child sex ,gays and lesbian assaults are like every day business

i would never recommend anyone to be a Cristian in this case Muslims are even far more better