Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Doctrines of devils getting worse and worse

Lsiten for yourself as these men teach blatant error and blashpheme God.

Do you need anymore convincing? Stay away from these men of corrupt minds and you will save your soul. God bless you.

This is getting ridiculous now - The love of money

This is a music video directed by Creflo Dollar of WCI, featuring a rap group called Ziglak. The song is entitled Money Comin and is a clear indication of the false doctrines and the love of money that these people promote.

Creflo says that he would rather his children listen to this stuff than the other stuff (im assuming hes refering to secular rap). So what is the difference between this and a video from Ludacris or Lil jon? Nothing at all.

The reaction of the congregation at the end says it all. This guy has decieved and brainwashed many.