Monday, 1 October 2007

Share a testimony

Hey guys, I would like to give this opportunity for you to testify of what God has done in your life, be it recently or in the past. Let God get the glory and a brother/sister be encouraged.

God bless you all. Daz


Anonymous said...

hey, wanted to share something with all of you beloved brothers and sisters in Christ. to make a long story short, i get a random phonecall from a guy i grew up with (havent heard from him in who knows how long) and i pick him up. while riding back to my place i minister to him and he decided to accept Christ THAT night!! goodness, i was so amazed. now he's running hard from the Lord, and has brought other people into the Kingdom recently. praise God!!!! Christ, you're freakin awesome. You ROCK.

Anonymous said...

Dazz, I wanted to share the goodness of God. My personal testimony started about four months ago. I started to question some of the traditional (religious) things that I had learned for the past several years. Then God blessed me to go deeper in His Word. I purchased a Bible Commentary by John MacArthur which greatly helped. Lastly, God allowed me to discover this website with so much knowledge and truth. God is opening up my eyes to the truth and for that, I am very grateful. Finding this website is part of my testimony. Thank you for being obedient to Christ. Peace to all of my faithful brothers and sisters in Christ.

Anonymous said...

My testimony is that five years ago I lost my father due to a heart attack and twenty-nine days later my mother passed from complications due to kidney failure. Some would said, "How is that a testimony". Healing is more than recovering physically from illness. Both my mother and father physical suffering is over, they are healed. During this experience GOD showed Himself faithful. He was always with me. Spiritually-by speaking to and comforting me through His word. Physically-by using believers to encourage me through His word. Mentally-by not allowing me nor any of my six brothers and sisters to have a mental breakdown. I'm so grateful that He is in my life. He has never left me nor forsaken me.

David said...

I don't know if this is the right place to make this comment, but I was wondering if you could comment on faith. Sometimes I feel as if I haven't any, yet I am constantly praying. The logic is illogical. I have accepted Christ as my savior. I was raised in Church yet I don't feel I belong to one. Since your comments are backed by scripture I was hoping you could provide some guidance. I pray you continue in your ministry. Thankyou!

dazzarai said...

Hi David, what can i say! The race is not for the swift. Its slow and paced. I have many chances and times where i feel low in faith, but it is only the grace of God that I am even here today.

When it comes to faith, what is the most important thing? Is it to believe God for healing? Money? Things? No way. It is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord. If you do this you DO well.
Im sure you know the scripture "faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God". This is the most straightforward verse I can give you on faith and how to build it.

Continue in the word of God, studing and seeking God through revelation of his word.

Also I know most of todays "churches" are a poor representation of the church/body of Christ, but what I would say is: Dont rely on the "church organisation", but get into regular fellowsihp with like minded believers. (Do not forsake the assembling together) This is not regarding going to church on a sunday and walking the rest of the week alone. This is a constant thing. The members of the body all strengthen each other. Even if it is only be by fellowshipping/communicating with other believers online.

Here is my email:

You can keep in touch that way if you like. God bless you and I pray your faith fail not.


Witt said...

When I was 23, working in a factory in Chattanooga, and on the verge of a broken marraige. A man I worked with told me abotu his parents who were missionaries. I really respected missionaries so I went to see them. I was an unsaved man, with many many sins! When I meet them the lady there brought me outside and told me About Jesus, and what he had done for me, then she prayed for me. I went home that night and had along talk with this Jesus she had told me about and I gave my life to him, and asked him to change me. I had a bad porn problem, smoking problem, and drinking problem, trashy mouth problem, and was mean to my wife! The next day I had no urge or shall I say habitual desire for porn, smoking, drinking, clubing, or dirty language! I am now 27 years old praise God, and although I stumble some None of these things rule my life, or are my gods! God gave me freedom from them and to this day I praise him for it. I also hated studying, and was a poor student. The Lord gave me a great desire to study his word, and I would for at least 30 hrs a week on one subject for a Sunday school class I taught for grown ups. I still do these studies and God keeps me from all this nonsense of false teachings myths and traditions we live in now days! God stills works, he has not ever changed and he will not!