Friday, 12 October 2007

Prophecy to false prophets and teachers

Prophecy to false prophets and teachers. This is the word of the Lord!


Anonymous said...

God bless you Daz
I only pray leaders are humble enough to listen, check their ways and change!!

dazzarai said...

Yeah you know today I've been thinking about some of these guys especially Juanita Bynum. I really hope that they do change, because what I have seen going to happen if they dont I would not wish on anyone.

God is very gracious its mind blowing. God bless you, Daz

Unknown said...

Daz, The ible says a true believe must worship god in spirit and in truth. The only way you will get this truth is tnrough revelation knowledge faith comes by hearing and hearing of the word of God. you have to be taught by God to get a revelation, at this present moment, you are the thinking for God instead of letting the word guide you. Thank God for prophets like creflo dollar and kenneth Copeland, Bill winston, Dr leroy thompson, TD jakes and many more these man have taught us all the practical meaning of having faith in God's word because the word is God and this word will transform you from inside out and become flesh.

The only reason blesses us is to establish his kingdom on earth and teaching the gospel to all mankind. Thats why my friend i will happilly and gladly pay my tithes and offering to these ministries. I serve and worship a limitless God. Just to like you know from my journey with the word of God I now learnt that revelation Knowledge is the spiritual and mental projection of your future self, this secret knowledge can only be reaveled to you through faith, but you will never experience Gods love and peace until you repent and stop being angry and bitter.

God loves you dude, stop being anti christ and help preach the gospel of peace and spiritual enlightenment for the world in the name of jesus.

dazzarai said...

Ok District Manager, God bless you

p.s. I am not bitter

Anonymous said...

In response to your question on tithing, until last year I was a tither, through much hardship I might add, as a student, I could not pay my bills and struggled to feed myself, my parents helped but they aren't well off, so they went without to help me.
Eventually unsettled that God would want me to get into debt because I was tithing the money that I could have paid my bills with! God showed me in 2 Cor 9:12 "God wants you to give what you have not what you don't have"(NLT)
As in the scripture, what I had was time and specific skills, which I gladly sewed into my church.
I stopped tithing and now I can pay all my bills, my parents no longer have to cover me and I have been able to bless others (including my parents), something which brings me great pleasure.
what I did get blessed for was giving time to God - when others skipped church or other commitments to do college work I seemed to finish my work with no problem and was a 1st class honours student, so in that respect God really blessed me (but I only did what God asked me to.)
What I do now is put money into my saving account and pray and ask the Lord what He would have me do with that money. Some goes on bills, and the rest on what God wills.

Witt said...

Man truth sounds good when you get to hear it come from someone else! When people talk about women preachers I bring them to Paul's words to, but I remind them that Paul is telling this to Holy Spirit filled women, since they try to say men and women are the same in Gods eyes after the baptism in the Spirit. I do wonder though, you do agree that tongues are for today correct? 1 Cor 14:39b "and do not forbid the speaking in tongues" I do understand that most people are not using it as the scriptures say to use it, but it is still valid for today. I hate the way many churches have done away with them, when the Bible never did. Its sad that the uncharismatics are such good studiers but leave out the gifts and the Holy Spirit, while the charismatics do the total opppsite, which hurts the Holy Spirits work in their lives since they don't apply the bible in its context. Also surly you have studied the "fakerapture" a good book about it that really gives it straight is "The Sign" you cannot go wrong studying it, it allows the old and new testament to speak on the subject of end times events, and you will find it to fit well with what Christ, revelation, and the others scriptures say. I am greatful to meet someone who studies brother. I hope your ministry, although a very lonly one do to the lack of people studying, grows.

Witt said...

"My people die from lack of knowledge"

Man if you ever get time email me, people who let God's word speak for itself are very few now days!