Thursday, 20 September 2007

False Prophets Part 3

Beware of ravenous wolves!


Anonymous said...

Let me say this regarding the comments made by the "Bishop E. Bernard Jordan". I'm a Black woman. Black men are not an endangered species. Being a certain color does not put us as human beings on an "endangered" species list. How foolish is this concept. The "Bishop E. Bernard Jordan" talked about riding in his Mercedes and the police not understanding that he done something right to gain the Mercedes...well you are doing a lot wrong and especially misleading the Body of Christ with this false message. Robbing God's people is wrong. Also selling prophecies on your website for $365 is very wrong. And "Prophet's Soap". Dial soap has worked for millions for years. He is the all time opportunist. And now these people are getting bolder with their requests for you to send more money. It is always about the money and nothing else. For many of these so-called preachers, you never hear them mention God or Jesus Christ not even once during their conversations. It's all about selling you something that makes no sense. For example, for three thousand dollars ($3,000) you can pay the "Bishop E. Bernard Jordan" to be in his inner circle. Now I am having a hard time believing that anyone would be dooped into being in this man's inner circle. God will deal with this man for misleading so many with his so-called prophecies and witchcraft. Unless this man changes and receives Jesus Christ into his heart, it is sad to say but he will die and go to Hell and unless the people following him do the same, they will also die and live eternity in hell. Jesus Christ is the only way. He alone is the answer.

Can I make one more comment from the heart? I am asking anyone who reads this comment to do yourself a favor. These people that you see and hear on Christian television, do a google search and research these people out that you are sending money to. If you just do a little bit of research, you will be shocked at what you find on the internet (by the way is public domain and not gossip) regarding these high profile ministers. I am pleading and begging that before you send them your last dollar and take food away from your own house, please prayerfully consider what the Lord Jesus Christ is saying to you. A lot of these people on the Christian networks make a plea for your emotions. This is how they get the average Christian to send in their entire pay checks under the notion of sending "first fruits" offerings and the such. We who truly belong to God are getting more wisdom because there are people out there such as this ministry who is devoted to telling you the truth about such falsehoods and exposing these people. Let us not give another dime in ignorance again. Please research where your money is going and if it is being used for the purpose of what you are sending it for...or are they using your monies to by another Beamer. God bless.

Tyronda said...

Definitely wished you were still making these videos. You are greatly missed.