Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Yolanda Adams and Bone Thugs?

Another disturbing collaboration with a "gospel" artist (Yolanda Adams) and rap group Bone-Thugs & Harmony.

If you've ever watched G. Craig Lewis' dvd on the "truth about hiphop" series, you would have some background and insight iabout this group.

Their lastest comeback album (under the swiss beats record label) features Yolanda Adams collaborating on the track "Order my steps". As usual Christians are being duped into buying these secular albums, because of the presence of a so called "gospel artist".

Here is the track on youtube:

Are these guys truly converted? As some undecerning Christians are claiming? I even read a post on a forum by a christian confessing to purchasing the bone-thugs album becuse of Yolanda Adams appearance on the album! This is shamefull.

Just to let you know where bong thugs stand here is another track on the album called streets.

WARNING! This video contains foul language and depictions of gang violence. YES this is on the same album with Yolanda Adams!

Amos 3: 3 Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?

2 Corinthians 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

Concerning Bone Thugs - James 3:9 With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God's likeness. 10Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. 11Can both fresh water and salt[a] water flow from the same spring? 12My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.


Anonymous said...

This is horrific, in itself and should be addressed immediately...
As a former Hip hop listener it hurts and it is a disappointment i will never buy another "gospel Artist" CD until this trend stops.

One more thing did you see rapper lil wayne rapping in a church?
i ll keep praying for these people.


dazzarai said...

Lil Wayne?! I havent seen that one yet. That is ridiculous now

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

yall need to grow up and let these people express themselves

Max Parthas said...

I appreciate your efforts including the light you shine on certain topics. Unfortunately I see the critique of this "Yolanda Adams" video as purely hypocritical. You throw many stones and build many magnificent mansions on sandy foundations and from high locations.
Judge not less you BE JUDGED. You don't define Gospel. None of us do. Christ does. Jesus personally taught the Gospel of The Kingdom.
What gospel do you teach preacher? What's surprising in this picture? That Bone Thugs and Harmony can find Christ and STILL be confessed sinners? Or that Yolanda Adams. Your pre-conceived pride and joy of Gospel could debase herself to worship with her fellow sinners by sharing God given talents that could bring more people to Christ than any of your seclusive ideologies combined? 2 Timothy Chapter 3
Read it.
Live their lives. Give what they have given. Sacrifice what price they have paid. Walk a lonely road you know not and then point your accusing fingers.
If what you say is truly God's word, then I'll meet you at the Crossroads waiting for you to Open up my heart.

This type of "disturbing" criticism is a poison poured out by the nemesis from big boastful mouths with little blinded eyes and dainty deaf ears and you don't wanna Hear Me Now.. Those artists are far closer to God than this hurtful labeling ever will be.

We know what enemy we face and he has already lost.
I'M a Son Of Light. Get it write.
A Word Warrior in Christ.
Judge us not for you may hear we never knew you.

Max Parthas
Maximum Impact

Anonymous said...

dazza Its GT just trying to get a hold of you and speak to you about developments in your work etc.Holla on

Anonymous said...

I don't know if G Craige Lewis is best source of information. This man has certainly not done his homework with regard to hip hop. He seems to make it up as he goes along. The reason he gets ways with his lies, most notably about the beginnings of Hip Hop, is because many black church followers don't know anything about hip hop as a musical genre. They are just blindly believing this man just like they blindly give their rent money as a "seed" to try to pimp Jesus to try to reach their "destiny" (Standing in $100 lines when Bynum, Jakes, and Paula White come through).

- In the G Craige's video, Behind Hip Hop he plays a clip from Underground DJ Danger Mouse's Gray Album, he mixed a a'ccapella version of Jay-Z's The Black Album and the Beatles' The White Album. If you play the track Interlude normally it makes no sense; however, when played backwards it includes the lyrics "666..., Murder, Murder, Jesus". The track was made to be played backwards, and DJ Danger Mouse simply samples Jay-Z's voice and edits it to make him say what he wants. The album is not made or endorsed by Jay-Z, yet Lewis does not make this clear. Isn't that lying, good minister Lewis????

- "Craige stated that GMA (Gospel Music Association) stands for “Gay Men With AIDS”" in a December broadcast of his EX-Cast

- His contention is that “holy hip-hop” is an oxymoron because, according to him, hip-hop culture is a false religion that was spawned by Afrika Bambaataa and KRS One. This is patently absurd. It is common knowledge that DJ Kool Herc is largely credited as the “father of hip-hop”. But of course...if you aren't a lover of or listener to HIP don't know that. here you'll find more info on how wrong Lewis is about hip hop.

dazzarai said...

To the last commentor, can you keep your comments relevant to the blog. Thanks, Moderator.

Timothy said...

JOhn 7:24 says "Judge righteous Judgment." Craig is inaccurate on some issues, but most of what he's says is accurate. I wouldn't trust him 100% since trust God 100% not a man. Yet, I will use the truthful information (like on the occultism embrace by many secular artists like Earth, Wind, and Fire, Russell Simmons, D'Angelo, etc. That's true and I have sources to prove It) for good benefit.

Funny how some of you use lame arguments to justify Adams' act. Even worldly artists know the hypocrispy of some compromising Christians. You can't convince me otherwise. YOu don't yolk with murderers in music, you help people in love but no compromise. Some of your are hypocrites. You want to not demonize folks showing wickedness in music, but don't want Christians to express dissent with their music.

Clinton Cocks said...

I grew up in church and honestly whats sad is the response from you religious christians. It is because of people like you who pass judgement that give christianity a bad name. You people act like bone thugs dont have a personal spiritual relationship with God because ther'te not religious like you all. Because of people like you I believe the modern christian church is more of cult than any other religion

Timothy said...

Gerald, why are you so angry. If what we're saying were a bunch of lies, this stuff wouldn't affect your precepts of compromise with the world. You response dictate that this information has resounance with your conscience that something is wrong. What's wrong is a "Gospel" artist yolking up with people spewing profanity and disrespect in music on a regular basis. Also, the bible is clear that we can judge at certain instances in the OT and NT. I've cited the scriptures. You can't refute that, so you use the judging card. The prophet Isaiah called to judge the fatherless. Jesus Christ said to judge righteous judgment and thou hast judged rightly. Some judging is good. I judge racism as evil. I judge murder as wrong. I also judge terrorism as immoral. Judging isn't monolithic since some judging is necessary in building up a society. Really, Christianity recieving a bad name is part of prophecy. The NT says that real Christians will be jeered demonized and presecuted in the last days. That's why you see so much hatred against real Christianity. Also, anyone can have "religious" or "spiritual" activities. A Buddhist or a Muslim can be spiritual and believe in God but deluded in their doctrines. What counts is their fruit and works. Their fruits has been a mixture of spiritualism with occult references and disrespectful lyrics. They could change like anyone, but in good conscience a person can't yolk like that. Therefore, we can help people like that. We can communicate with people like that, but singing a song with people like that (who reference death, violence, occultism, etc.) I disagree with that.You act like Christians got to be of the world to help the world. Sorry, the world then and now hates Christians and your guts. Just look at the history of the Roman empire. Just look at Sudan and in America where the media mocks Christians on many occasions. It's better to be seperate from the world and fight evil than be of the world and let evil infiltrate the church.

Instead, I thinking compromising "Christians" sucking up to the world, never taking a real stand on issues, and mocking truthseekers are liking like a real cult.

By Timothy

Anonymous said...

I think it's sad. Many "gospel" artists are more concerned with making money and being famous than they are with saving souls and living righteously. Even unsaved people can see that teaming up with Bone Thug -N- Harmony is not Christlike. We may indeed have several false prophets in the "gospel" music world. It's a shame. I can't listen to anything, but God.

Anonymous said...

Gospel music was the fastest growing music 2 year ago.
Is it a coincidence that it stopped growing right after secular record labels started signing our artists and our artists started doing collabo with secular artist?
I was naive at first and thought it would benefit our music and gospel would eventually take over.
what is happening now is any secular artist (the beyonces, the kanyes, the r kellys) can be played in our churches something the devil had planned all along.

Unknown said...

If some of you guys read the bible, Jesus hung out with sinners. His mission was to reach the lost, not those who were already saved! Thats why sinners dont like church people, you guys are self righteous! What if that she reached those guys to change their lives. She planted a seed in them, and did not judge them. Hypocrites!-cast the first stone if you are without sin!

Timothy said...

Jesus saw and communicated with sinners. That's true. Yet, Jesus didn't agree with the sinner's sinning lifestyle. Jesus never worshipped in agreement with the sinners. Jesus never sang with the sinners. You can't show a verse outlining that at all. Jesus always exhorted the sinners to repent and move on with their lives. You omit that.

Jesus did reach the lost and that true. Yet, Jesus also dealt with the saved. Jesus worked with the apostles (who were saved) and gave them advice on what's best to conduct their missions. Also, what kind of church you're talking about. Many sinners don't like churches because many churches now are exactly like the world. Tons of churches (not all) promote compromise, evil, and don't take stands on real issues. That's not being self righteous. That's being real. Being real doesn't mean you suck up to the world. Being real doesn't mean you shut and sing. No, we have a First Amendment right to speak up and sing. If you don't like being real and confronting evil, that's your business. Although, the real Christians won't stop. We won't stop.

Reached those? She can easily reach them without singing a song. She can easily communicate with them in private in a peaceful way to try to reach them easily. It's not complicated. Judge them? People judge all of the time. We judge people's appearances, etc. All judging isn't evil. Judging racism, terrorism, bigotry, adultery, etc. as wrong is right. All judging isn't monolithic. Jesus said in John 7:24 Judge righteous judgment. Jesus condemned hypocritically judgment not every form of judgment. Jesus talked about not casting the first stone, but in that instance people tried to kill the adulterer without a trial or jury. That's immoral. Jesus always called on us to expose sin. Exposing sin, evil, and false preachers isn't immoral, it's our duty. You need to realize that rosayln. Who's the real hypocrites? Those who claim to love Jesus but won't criticize evil (plus criticize those that do) or those who love Jesus and criticize evil. The day of being P.C. is over. People wil have to man up and woman up.

By Timothy

Anonymous said...

this is sad.gospel mixed with secular is not the way to go.i won't ever listen to one of her songs again..and i am completely through with hip-hop/rap,rock & all that other wordly things.I love G.Craige Lewis..that man is right!

Anonymous said...

The good book says: "Judge not lest you be Judge." The same yardstick you use to measure others will be used against you. Christ came so that the we might have life and have it abundantly.

He said go out into the highways and byways and spread the word. The gospel is for sinners, as Christ himself said, "What need have the healthy for a physician?"

How does Yolanda Adams collaboration with Bone Thugs any different from when Christ associated and surrounded himself with thieves, prostitutes, adulterers, lairs, etc.?

You people decrying Adams are doing just as the Pharisees did when Christ went around preaching the gospel. As Christ said, before you try to remove the beam from someone else eye, first remove it from your own, lest you blind the person.

People read the Bible. It's the only way you wont be deceived. See what God's word have to say for yourself.

Anonymous said...

i always thought god was the judge? and i always thought he was about forgiveness.

Unknown said...

well its pretty obvious their undercover beleivers in god, no christian is perfect, if the hip hop artist label them selves christians they will get no sale records. they get the message to the sinners undcoverly with out them noticing thats what get's their sales and god is helping them prosper with their message no need pray for hiphop artist their fine they have a few problems just like everyone else, difference is the spot light is on them. sinners need god more then the rightous. only god can judge us

Roger said...

Lots of swear words for your info

BTW they're not secular, they're Christian.

You guys hate on bone thugs like you know them, if you followed them and listened to their tracks. All their albums group and solo ones you'd understand that they've been going through a lot of personal and spiritual battles, but they've never stopped thanking and praying to God. As for the heavy content in killing and criminal activities, they grew up in the projects of Cleveland, its all they grew up with. They're human just like us and if you read your BIBLE you'd know that we're all inherently evil and none of us are good enough for the Lord hence Jesus' sacrifice on the cross to save ALL of US. There are many ways to find Jesus and to spread his word, yours is not the only way. They reach more people in ghettos and projects a lot more effectively than Casting Crowns ever could. They talk about their roots, the lifestyle and trials they've been through. God works in mysterious ways to bring HIS people to him, never forget that.

Heres a song by Casting Crowns that hopefully opens your eyes and makes you think differently about judging others.

Anonymous said...

you people are not christians you are all religous people, let God handle this , it is a plan from the Lord and if the Lord gives him the mind to forget his past eventually he will let it go.all in God's time.

Anonymous said...

Honestly speaking, i love yolanda adams, now about her working with bone thugs i disagree with that because of what they have been, but Jesus doesnt say that we have to be saved to praise him, he simply states: " lett everything that has breath praise the lord" people these are the last days and we are going to see alot of crazy things, all i can say is pray for yourself, seek God for yourself because all of mankind is falliable, no one is perfect but God himself and its only through him that we can be saved. Back to yolanda, i know how she wants to help those who are lost, and this may be the way that the lord wants to use her, whether we disagree, agree or whatever really doesnt matter because if God is moving he is going to do just that, MOVE regardless of how we feel. Remeber we dont serve a God who is a respector of persons, so if he does something we disagree with, its our job to ask him to change our hearts so that we can be better able to follow him...God Bless

Anonymous said...

Honestly speaking, i love yolanda adams, now about her working with bone thugs i disagree with that because of what they have been, but Jesus doesnt say that we have to be saved to praise him, he simply states: " lett everything that has breath praise the lord" people these are the last days and we are going to see alot of crazy things, all i can say is pray for yourself, seek God for yourself because all of mankind is falliable, no one is perfect but God himself and its only through him that we can be saved. Back to yolanda, i know how she wants to help those who are lost, and this may be the way that the lord wants to use her, whether we disagree, agree or whatever really doesnt matter because if God is moving he is going to do just that, MOVE regardless of how we feel. Remeber we dont serve a God who is a respector of persons, so if he does something we disagree with, its our job to ask him to change our hearts so that we can be better able to follow him...God Bless (

cyphi1 said...

I don't agree with the negativity surrounding this article. Some Christians condemn sinners and view the world from a self-righteous perspective. Yet, it's true that we are all sinners!!! If artists have it in their heart to create a positive song which inspires and influences their general audience to heed one of the most important messages in the bible, what's the problem? To make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God is one of the cornerstones of your faith, yet you abhor this song, and the artists involved.

As a listener to BTNH I suggest that you don't muddle what you believe to be their intentions with reality. I understand your concern, but I assure you they are not trying to convert Christians into their "worldly" lifestyle. They are just expressing their own struggles - attempting to reinforce their faith and dealing with their own moral and spiritual issues. And although this song features Yolanda Adams it's only a song. If Jesus can eat and drink with sinners, why can't she make a song glorifying God with them?

Anonymous said...

We need to pray for these gospel artists. We need to pray that they are obedient no matter how much pressure the music industry may place on them to sell records. Gospel artists need to use the Holy Spirit as their guide in ALL of their decision making.

Anonymous said...

some artist these days sing about whats going on in there life. The good times. Bad times. and what works for them. A way to express them self about there struggle. These guys went from Ohio to California to seek out a music producer on a bus. They also helped one of there members who converted to Islam to see how false it is. And he became a Christian afterwords. I know many people and I included been close to their shoes. I use to be a Drug dealer meth smoking drug addict. I been sober for 7 years. I express my self by writing. My felling go into that writing. Its a way to vent. Who knows they are not trying to vent. Judge not or you shall be Judge.

Anonymous said...

Touchy subject but I will say that if it was not for Hip-Hop, there would be no Christian rappers cause most Christian rappers emulate their favorite secular artist in some form or another. Not to justify any of the harsh words that many secular artist use. remember the song "Precious Lord" by Thomas Dorsey was once labeled a secular song by the Black Church. Now, it is one of the most respected gospel songs in history.
As far as secular artists, it seems like so-called Christians never give them room for growth as a person. Remember, artist like Bone thugs were 16, 17 and 18 years old and younger when they got signed.
They, like many artists, do not create those demonic album covers, or hidden satanic symbols we see in music videos. Again, I'm not justifying the ignorance in secular music but some of us Christians were out there doing far worst behavior when we were that age as well but someone prayed for you, so lets pray for them and hope they could all clean up the content in their music.
Some of these artist are coming from poverty-stricken environments, no fathers around to teach them manhood, drug infested areas and poor school systems. So sometimes you have to understand where some of these artist come from within there music.
I don't like most of the secular music I hear but there are songs out there that provoke critical thinking. Some artist are good at the art of story-telling or expressing a story which is what intrigues me. I don't like artist that can only use Vulgar language. That's whack! The bottom line is we all need work. God Bless!

mikewhang said...

"Hallelujah, Hallelujah, now I might not make it to Heaven
but I'm tryin' to come back in the resurrection change my place in paradise
so I pray to God try to change my life
but temptation make it hard for me to make it out
man I gotta quit lustin' I need to stop smokin'
I need God's guidance without it I'm hopeless
Lord please help me stand strong"

krayzie's verse in this track says it all.
i admire his humility in admitting his struggle with temptation and his need for the guidance of God.

in contrast, the author of this article has much arrogance and implies that he is a discerning christian with a better sense as to who is truly saved or not...

"are these guys truly converted? as some undiscerning christians are claiming?"

praise God that the Kingdom of Heaven is not for the haughty or the arrogant who think they are well, but for the sick and the poor who recognize their need for deliverance.

when pride comes, there is disgrace
but with humility comes wisdom
proverbs 11:2

mark said...

the silly people that dislike this song probaly love passion of the christ movie and, care less about what other R RATED films the ACTOR starred in. needless to say these guys birth names are not bone thugs that being said you dont know that guys behind the rap song wether its good or bad its a job! it shows people even if your stuck in a street life gods arms are open... thank you bone thugs and yolanda adams

Evangelist7 said...

I can see that most of you that quote the scripture from Matthew 7:1-5, which yall take out of context to even justify your undercover sins. What he was saying do not judge by outward appearence to condemn but we are to judge by the empowering of the Holy Spirit to show a person their sin or their lifestyle that is contrary to the word of God with the purpose of restoring that person back to a proper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore the disturbing trend of christian musicians merging with secular who blasphemes Jesus in their other work how is this justifiable.