Saturday, 16 June 2007

An atheist turns back to God

Hey guys,

just wanna encourage you in your contending for the faith and preaching the truths of the gospel.

I recieved this message from a member of youtube at 3am this morning. I have been presenting the gospel and refuting his beliefs of athesism.

Message Re: Apology

Dazzarai, I am writing you under a new account. My last one was ********. About a month or two ago, we were arguing on a video by Bonasse, and I remember saying some pretty stupid and possibly hurtful things. I'm sorry about that. Just within the past few days I had an epiphany that resulted in me realizing that my pursuit of logic and reason under atheist beliefs were worthless. I returned to God in my mind and saw that Christ was the way for me. Anyway I just wanted to apologize.

Praise God! Be encourage! The harvest is plenty but the labourers are few.
I encourage you to continue making disciples of men for the glory of god the father.

Your brother in Christ,



Nigel said...

Thanks for the testimony! That is an real encouragement to sharing our faith even in the face of apparent scorn.

soma(theslave) said...

Praise God!!!

Anonymous said...

This is hardly an example of an atheist turning back to god is it, its a person who was for a few moments an agnostic returning to the fold as it were.

Anonymous said...

anonymous (17 September) - what is wrong with you?
Whether the person was an atheist or as you suggest an agnostic he has, as you have mentioned returned to the fold.... AND THATS THE ALL THAT COUNTS......... TO GOD BE THE GLORY.