Thursday, 7 June 2007

A call to Fast and Pray

Hi guys, just a quick call for the body of Christ to unite together in a corporate fast with prayer. Some friends and I have begun a three day fast (tuesdays - thursdays, between 9am and 5pm) for the next two months, ending on the last thursday in July.

We are praying concerning the body of Christ, for the blinders to be removed over the eyes of the blind, for God to remove any hierlins and be their good shepherd (Ezekiel 34) and for restoration and healing to the broken hearted (especially those who have been spiritually, emotionally, even physically abused by any church/organisation).

Lastly, for a guy called Ringo, many of you might already know something about him. He really does need our prayer, as I am convinced there is something wrong with him. I cannot decern exactly what it is, but he is being driven by something which is not of God. Please pray for his salvation and his mind. And against any attack of satan against him.

Thank you brothers and sisters for your diligence in this matter.

God bless you

Your brother in Christ, Dazzarai


Darnell said...

Ringo is caught up in pride.

Pray that he humbles himself to be a true servant of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

saw his rebuttal to you on YouTube... strange guy.

dazzarai said...

I know. I havent even paid it any mind. The bible says we should not cast our pearl before swine, because they will turn around and tear you to pieces. I tried alot to conversate and help that guy but he is too haughty and wont listen. The video is filled with lies, the guy doesnt even know me :S He just needs people to intercede on his behalf.

Anonymous said...

The problem with this blog is dazzarai that it stinks to the hig heavens of arrogance and self importance, as other commentators have mentioned once or twice, you are in no position at all to say what is right or for that matter wrong with christian artists or pastors, none at all. you position is akin to that of the pharasiees in jesus's time. You criticise and villify based on such meagre evidence its a joke, you regularly take things out of context and then use them as a platform to preach you self righteous brand of christianity. The problem with the bible is its a book and as a result is therefore subject to interpretation, its also a beleif system so your beleif is no more correct than benny hinn's or creflo dollar's for that matter.

I hope that you will at some point see the error of your ways and repent.