Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Benny Hinn the False Prophet

Benny Hinn says Jesus is going to appear PHYSICALLY on the platform in one of his crusades. Can anyone confirm this happened?


Maxwell said...

I am sorry, but the next time that Jesus is visible on earth, will be near the Valley of Meggido, 7 years after the Tribulation. So unless He is going to have a platform out there, trying to bring people to the Antichrist, don't expect this to happen.

Unknown said...

The Lord knows the thoughts of man; he knows that they are futile. Psalm 94:11
It is important to note that Bill Wilson's faith system was not based on Jesus Christ and Him crucified; nor is there any mention of Jesus Christ being the Savior from his sin. Both he and Bob Smith (co-founder of AA) embraced and promoted a variety of spiritual experiences, which included practicing spiritualism and conversing with the dead (which the Bible forbids) and being heavily involved in séances. Wilson also acted as a medium or channeler. It was while involved in these types of religious experiences, not Biblical Christianity, that Wilson developed his Twelve Steps (Pass It On, pp 156, 198, 275, 278). - 338k - 28 Jul 2007

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Sharon and I would like to thank everyone who have the ability to get the truth out there . I just pray that we don't have to get so angery when we present people with the truth about the teachers of the bible.Don't none of us have a hell or heaven to put people in. So just get the word out there and like God so wonderful did gave us all free Will to make choices.As in the bible God gave every last one of the people He chose to get the word out to us the {future } to get it together .All of those people have done something wrong in their life the same as we do. But GOD and GOD along will judge us all in the end .I'm a christian and I made a choice to seek after Jesus. I myself still lie , steal , cruse among other things I have not been deliver from as of yet but I do believe that God knows I want to change who I am to His will.I do pray that the day when I do die I would have already gotten my life in order . Love and peace in Jesus name .

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I wanted to comment about your blog. I don't believe that people are getting angry so much as they are irritated by the lack of God's Word that is portrayed on Christian network. God is calling us as His children to live differently from the world, to act and behave differently. This is also a problem in the church. If you have at least one hour, please watch the Paul Washer video that is on this site's main page or you can do a google search and type in Paul Washer. We as children of God are to be a light in a dark and dying world. What witness are we to those around us if we resemble the world, if we behave like them or worse. Let me add that I am not judging you. I am honestly stating this to anyone who reads this, especially including myself. God instructs all of us to examine ourselves. Until we are delivered from the world, we cannot affect the world in which we live.

Anonymous said...

The first time that I went to a Benny Hinn Crusade was when he came to London in 2006. In this crusade he said that Jesus Christ himself was standing on the stage next to the podium where he usually preach, the crowd including myself was completely awed because we were being deceived. The atmosphere in the entire Excel Arena was quite as everyone in the audience was trying to tip-toe to see the spot Hinn was pointing to show us where Jesus Christ was standing.

He then called up some guys to be touched by the very hands of Jesus (He showed this part of the programme on his This is Your Day programme). Benny Hinn had everyone in the audience hush as this guy he called up to the platform held his hands up in the direction to which Christ was standing then Benny Hinn told the guy now you can ask God for whatever you want and I can see Jesus coming and touching you on your sholdier. The guy then fell backward, all this, from the point when the guy came up on the stage to when he fell backwards was shown on his weekly tv programme for that week, and over and over again on the different christian channels.

During that same crusade Benny Hinn says that he can see a vision of angels above the second section of rows. Everyone in the auditorium was turning back to see. I was seated under that row, and was looking up naively trying to see this vision. It so happened that the only person that saw the vision was those who Hinn called to show them, one of them was Steve Brock, who acknowledge to seeing the vison aslo.

Even when Matt.24:26, came to my mind, I justified what this person was doing by saying, well, that is not what this scripture means. However, another thought came to me saying, then what does it (refering to the bible passage) mean.

Bart Best said...

Your title to your blog is rude and it bothers good christians, but God judjes those who judge others. Repent soon.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so Pul's letters aren't FILLED with him "judging" people like the Corinthians! In fact, the only one where he is TRULY positive and complimentary is Philippians!
What about John the Revelator's prophecy to the Seven Churches of Asia? Weren't most of these seven full of vileness, and needing admonition? The Holy Spirit, acting through John, "judged" them, not for its own sake, but that they may repent. This must mean the God, too believes Christianity needs "watched"!
As to what goes on on this site, If God as an example judges his church to keep it accountable (i.e. constructive criticism), then it is obvious it is His will to do so. If it is His will, and he speaks through men to achieve this end, then it must be FINE for those in compliance with example and the Word to do the same!

Also, do not judge someone for judging; it isn't very clever.