Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Saved from Prosperity

The story of how God delivered one couple from the subtle deception of the prosperity gospel.

The full interview is available here: http://www.harborhawaii.org/beta/601


Anonymous said...

This video greatly blessed me. It seems that in or society people can't be satisfied with what they have. We always want more but I was so moved by how this woman said that she and her husband starting studying the Word of God. This is what it takes. I may never own a BMW or live in a 3 million dollar home but I am so grateful to God for what I do have.

MANUAIM.... said...

They were not ready to come into riches! Simple! If they were really in the Master, and they were already sold out for him and they had vision on what they were going to do with the wealth and it came...THEY WOULD NOT (she) would not be on here..

EVEN AS THY SOUL PROSPERETH! My goodness if your SOUL is not in rightstanding you better seek deliverance from HELL! But if you are already LIVING HOLY in the word, doing the LORD's bidding and you need MORE...For instance...Not having parking at church and people refuse to come because they spend close to 20 minutes circling the block....and at least 30 or more times people said we didn't come to service because of parking...AND you pray for parking, is that SIN that you were not content with ppl not showing up/members saying they missed service because of parking...BOOM you pray (GOD was waiting for you to pray for parking and BOOM, now we have parking) TRUE STORY by the way...But one reason we shy-ed away was because of money, we didn't have the money! The LORD told us to start raising money, didn't say why...Just start raising money...boom the oppurtunity came! We have a huge LOT that we have to PAVE...We are still raising more money to get it done but because we were in obedience to GOD (though HIS PLAN needed our obedience, our prayers were answered)

Christians who believe that is OKAY to VOW to poverty okay...Don't mind me saying PEACE & POVERTY TO YOU..

Christians who believe that is okay to VOW unto receiving whatever it is that GOD has for you..AND YOU COME INTO RICHES..Or you have an idea and the vision is met...BOOM...And now you have an abundance of riches literally...Don't mind me saying PEACE & Prosperity...

DAZ...My friend...Why is it that Christians go to bat for GOD's attitude against sin in the OT, and they go out their way to make sure people UNDERSTANDS that GOD was still a LOVING GOD in the OT! Some strange reason they think GOD is overlooking SIN! Is he? NO, Jesus was crucified for the SINS of the WORLD! This only temporarily pacifies the WRATH OF GOD against SIN! In other words GOD STILL HATES SIN..All Christians should KNOW THIS RIGHT!

Here is the KICKER (lol)...How come Christians well SOME don't go to bat for GOD concerning the RICHES he gave his PEOPLE in the OT? See ppl are immature, they say GOD was not unrighteous for HIS ATTITUDE TOWARD SIN in the OT, but they OVERLOOK THE ATTITUDE or the SPIRIT OF GOD toward RICHES IN THE OLD TESTAMENT!

Asking for what you need if that is NOT BEING CONTENT! Then why is it that we are PRAYING TO GOD for anything! So one should be content in the state that he is LUSTING AFTER ANOTHER MAN's WIFE HUH? Of course not right! So why should we be content with poverty if it hurts ones marriage, or practical livelihood etc. Christians (SOME) act like we are supposed to embrace the HELLISH interest rates of banks on HOME LOANS! My goodness you mean to say if you pray for a home and GOD gives you a mansion and you tell people, THAT IS SIN, or that this is greed?

The Gospel of Prosperity vs. The Gospel of Poverty which was does Jesus preach?

There is no such thing as the Gospel of Poverty or The Gospel of Prosperity! Every teaching in the Bible is not the Gospel i.e. Birth, Life, Death, Burial, Resurrection, Ascension, Return of JESUS {Rapture or Second Coming})

The Apostles dealt with their times according to the HOLY SPIRIT that was in them! We have the scriptures & Epistles as an ensample for us...Is the rich condemned? Is the poor condemned? Or is it those who believe not in the SON OF GOD that are condemned?

The Prodigal Son story is a prime example of HOW FALSE HUMILITY will make you angry with GOD and even think to say bad things (BE WROTH WITH GOD)...The elder SON was mad that he was serving his FATHER...He didn't ask his Father for what he wanted in his heart!So when the brother that asked and didn't have the character to be a steward over it...But the Elder brother was MAD about the Father Blessings his OWN BROTHER! Funny...That is how Christians are today...ANGRY at GOD over blessing other believers! And when those believers start telling people how GOD blessed them, then they get mad and SAY O' because I don't have what you have does that make me not BLESSED! Well if you are MAD that I have and YOU HAVE NOT, then you are NOT BLESSED as you SAY YOU ARE BLESSED!

I can write for hours on this topic....GOD does not condemn the RICH FOR BEING RICH! If the rich is condemned it is because they DON'T BELIEVE IN JESUS! But the POOR IS NOT RIGHTEOUS because they are POOR, they are not condemned if they believe in JESUS...

Chris Chen said...

Manuaim wrote, "The Gospel of Prosperity vs. the Gospel of Poverty which was [sic] does Jesus preach?... Is the rich [sic] condemned? Is the poor [sic] condemned?... God does not condemn the rich for being rich..." According to Matthew, Jesus stated, "If you want to be perfect, go sell what you have, and give to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven: And come follow me... Surely, I say to you that a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven... It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God" (Matt. 19:21 & 23-24).

This "prosperity gospel" is scary and dogmatic. "Prosperity Gospel" preachers basically say that people can essentially manipulate God into giving them what they want (i.e., nice cars, nice house, etc) and not [necessarily] what they need.

In Exodus, God commands the Hebrews, "You shall not covet your neighbor's farm, nor his house, nor his maid, nor his butler, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything else that belongs to your neighbor." (Exodus 20:20). When people want to be like the Joneses, that's exactly the opposite of God's commandment.
Sin = selfishness (greed) and how it hurts others.